Packaging structure and packaging method of solar battery chip



The invention discloses a packaging structure and a packaging method of a solar battery chip. The method comprises the following steps of: firstly, arranging at least one solar battery chip on a substrate, and forming a high-photopermeability gluing filling material layer on the periphery of an upper surface of the substrate; secondly, arranging a hollow spacing layer between the solar battery chip and the gluing filling material layer to make the solar battery chip positioned in an inner hole of the hollow spacing layer, arranging a transparent cover above the hollow spacing layer and the gluing filling material layer, and forming a space between the transparent cover and the solar battery chip to form an air chamber among the substrate, the transparent and the hollow spacing layer; and finally, pressurizing to make the gluing filling material layer glued so as to adhere the substrate to the transparent cover. By the invention, the problem that the power generation efficiency of a solar battery module is reduced because of qualitative change of the heated gluing filling material layer when the solar battery module is exposed outdoors for a long time can be solved.




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