Method for refining solvent oil No.200



The invention discloses a method for refining num.200 miscella, including: (1) pretreating: fully contacting the miscella and sodium hydroxide and reacting; (2) adsorbing and denitrifying on a fixed bed: fully contacting and reacting the miscella treated after the step (1) and a compound nitrogen adsorption agent; (3) oxidizing and promoting: fully mixing and treating the miscella treated after the step (2) and an oxidation promoter; and (4) oxidizing, catalyzing and deodorizing on the fixed bed: fully contacting and reacting the miscella treated after the step (3) and a catalyst. By using the method, an alkaline nitride content of the refined miscella is removed to less than 1PPm, a mercaptan content is removed to less than 1PPm, the refined oil is colourless and odourless, and Sybolt chroma thereof is not less than 25, and storage stability is good.




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