Heavy metal-tolerant bacterial strain and application thereof



本发明公开了一株对重金属具有耐受性的菌株Enterobacter sp.T2及其应用。菌株Enterobacter sp.T2保藏号CGMCCNo.4281。该细菌能够耐受Pb2+、Cr6+、Mn2+、Zn2+、Cu2+、Ni2+、Cd2+、Co2+、Ag+、Hg2+等多种重金属,特别对Pb2+和Mn2+的耐受浓度分别达到2000mg/L和1000mg/L以上。将菌种活化、培养、收集、洗涤、烘干制得去除重金属的吸附剂,对重金属Pb2+的最大吸附量可达81.22mg/g。
The invention discloses a heavy metal-tolerant bacterial strain Enterobacter sp.T2 and application thereof. The collection number of the heavy metal-tolerant bacterial strain Enterobacter sp.T2 is CGMCCNo.4281. The heavy metal-tolerant bacterial strain Enterobacter sp.T2 can tolerate various heavy metals such as Pb<2+>, Cr<6+>, Mn<2+>, Zn<2+>, Cu<2+>, Ni<2+>, Cd<2+>, Co<2+>, Ag<+>, Hg<2+> and the like, in particular, the Pb<2+> tolerance concentration and the Mn<2+> tolerance concentration are more than 2,000 mg/L and 1,000 mg/L respectively. A heave metal-removed adsorbent is prepared by activating, culturing, collecting, washing and drying the bacterial strains and the maximum adsorption quantity of the heavy metal Pb<2+> can reach 81.22 mg/g.




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