Multi-resistance-state resistance random access memory and method for implementing multiple resistance states utilizing same



The invention relates to the technical field of semiconductor manufacturing, and discloses a multi-resistance-state resistance random access memory. The memory comprises a top electrode, a resistance change layer and a bottom electrode from top to bottom, wherein the resistance change layer is an oxide. The invention also provides a method for implementing multiple resistance states by utilizing the memory. The multi-resistance-state resistance random access memory provided by the invention is a device in an MIM (metal-insulator-metal) structure based on a SiO2 material. Under an appropriate operation method, the device can generate multi-stage resistance states, multi-bit memory can be realized in a unit, and the memory density of the memory can be improved; and the material based on SiO2 is adopted for the resistance change layer of the multi-resistance-state resistance random access memory, the memory and the method provided by the invention have the advantages of simple technology and good processing compatibility with the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor) technology.




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