Cascade type iterative learning cross coupling control method for contour error of biaxial numerical control system



The invention relates to a cascade type iterative learning cross coupling control method for a contour error of a biaxial numerical control system, which comprises the following processes: determining the actual reference input quantities of both axes of the biaxial numerical control system, the equation of an X-axis following error and the equation of a Y-axis following error; deriving out the convergence condition of cascade type iterative learning control (ILC) by a formula (1), wherein the essential convergence condition of the cascade type ILC is as shown in a formula (2); and realizing contour error control through the formula (2). The invention provides the cascade type iterative learning cross coupling control method for the contour error of the biaxial numerical control system, which has good dynamic compensation and is capable of smoothing the contour error and improving the control performance.




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