Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) time synchronization method



The invention discloses an Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) time synchronization method. An optical line terminal (OLT) side of an EPON realizes a peer to peer (PTP) sub clock. The method comprises the following steps that: a PTP timestamp counter is read through a central processing unit (CPU) at the OLT side; the CPU calculates the corresponding ToD and the PTP timestamp counter value corresponding to the latest one 1PPS; the obtained PTP timestamp counter value is set to a 1PPS PTP timestamp counter register; an OLT multipoint control protocol (MPCP) timestamp counter is latched into the 1PPS PTP timestamp counter register; the CPU reads the 1PPS PTP timestamp counter register; the CPU sends the information to an optical network unit (ONU) through operation and maintenance (OAM) messages; and the ONU side realizes the IPPS+ToD information output. The time synchronization method can simply and flexibly realize the time synchronization technology.
本发明公开了一种EPON网络时间同步的方法,该EPON网络的OLT侧实现了PTP从时钟,该方法包括如下步骤:OLT侧通过CPU读PTP时戳计数器;CPU计算最近一个1PPS对应的PTP时戳计数器值及对应ToD;将所得PTP时戳计数器值置于1PPS PTP时戳计数器的寄存器;将OLT MPCP时戳计数器值锁存在1PPS MPCP时戳计数器值寄存器内;CPU读1PPS MPCP时戳计数器的寄存器;CPU将上述信息通过OAM报文发送给ONU;ONU侧实现1PPS+ToD信息输出。本发明的时间同步方法,可以简单灵活地实现时间同步技术。




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