Multilayer three-dimensional parking garage


  • Inventors: ZHENG JIANYU
  • Assignees: 郑俭余
  • Publication Date: February 22, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-102359294-A


The invention provides a multilayer three-dimensional parking garage and belongs to the technical field of parking garages, and the multilayer three-dimensional parking garage can be used for solving the problems of difficulty in building of the traditional three-dimensional parking garage and instability of entering or leaving the parking garage. The multilayer three-dimensional parking garage comprises a control circuit and a bracket, wherein the bracket is divided into an upper-layer parking space and a lower-layer parking space; the upper-layer parking space is internally provided with an upper-layer vehicle carrying platform and an upper-layer drive mechanism; the upper-layer drive mechanism comprises a towing chain, an upper-layer drive device and a channeled rail network, and the upper-layer drive device is connected with the towing chain; the upper-layer vehicle carrying platform is provided with a pulley which is clamped in the channeled rail network, the towing chain is respectively arranged on the inner side of the bracket at two sides of a vehicle entrance, the end part of the towing chain is fixedly connected with a vertical arm on the corresponding side of the upper-layer vehicle carrying platform; and the towing chain can drive and pull the upper-layer vehicle carrying platform to move along entrance guide rails under the drive of the upper-layer drive device. The multilayer three-dimensional parking garage has the advantages of simpleness in building, good practicability, and stability and reliability when a vehicle enters a parking space, and can be built for multiple layers in an upward manner so that limited parking space resources are fully utilized and all parking spaces are not interfered mutually.




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