Paper restoration device



The invention which discloses a paper restoration device relates to the field of paper restoration devices. The paper restoration device is characterized in that: the water outlet end of a water pool (1) is connected with a water inlet tube (2); the water inlet tube (2) is connected with the water inlet end of a restoration case (5) through a valve (3) and a water drawing motor (4); the water outlet end of the restoration case (5) is connected with a water return tube (6); the water return tube (6) is communicated with the water pool (1) through a valve (3) and the water drawing motor (4); a tap (8) is arranged on the water pool (1); a water discharge tube (7) is arranged on the lower end of the water pool (1); and the water discharge tube (7) is provided with a valve (3). The device which is not limited by the number of paper for restoration; the device which adopts above water reusing design allows water and the restoration cost to be saved; and the restoration speed of the device is greatly improved.




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