Strain for producing citrulline and method for biologically synthesizing citrulline with same



The invention provides a strain for producing citrulline and a method for biologically synthesizing citrulline with the same, belonging to the food biotechnology field. The strain and the method have the following beneficial effects: the invention relates to enterococcus faecalis (SK23.001) screened from the soil; enterococcus faecalis has been collected in the China Center for Type Culture Collection, with collection number being CCTCC NO:M2011465; the strain is taken as the fermentation strain, arginine is taken as the inducer, glucose is taken as the carbon source and yeast cream and peptone are taken as nitrogen sources to form a fermentation medium to ferment citrulline or a resting cell thallus with arginine deiminase activity, and the thallus is added to 5-20% of arginine solution to synthesize citrulline through transformation; through detection, the transformation rate can be more than 80%; citrulline produced by the method is safe and reliable, is a functional product with great market potential and is widely applied to such industries as food, cosmetics, medicines and the like; and the method can be used for efficiently producing citrulline and is suitable for large scale production.




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